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Artigos Relacionados. Selecione 2 tipos de vegetais pepino e cenoura e um peixe por exemplo a carne de siri prensada, kani kama. E ainda, compre folhas de algas desidratadas conhecidas como nori e arroz cru.

Repita com o pepino. Corte o kani kama em tiras finas, tomando cuidado para que fiquem da mesma espessura. Confira o arroz. Se estiver pronto, transfira-o para um prato.

Pegue uma tigela e coloque duas colheres de sopa de vinagre de arroz. Coloque uma folha de nori em uma esteira de bambu e espalhe o arroz sobre ela.

Coloque as tiras dos legumes e do kani kama no arroz. O resultado deve parecer um tubo. Agora remova o rolo de sushi da esteira de bambu e corte da seguinte maneira.

Molhe o sushi no molho shoyo levemente. Adicione gengibre em conserva ou wasabi para aumentar o sabor. Norway roll is another variant of uramakizushi filled with tamago omelette , imitation crab and cucumber, rolled with shiso leaf and nori , topped with slices of Norwegian salmon , garnished with lemon and mayonnaise.

Uramaki differs from other makimono because the rice is on the outside and the nori inside. The filling is in the center surrounded by nori , then a layer of rice, and optionally an outer coating of some other ingredients such as roe or toasted sesame seeds.

It can be made with different fillings, such as tuna, crab meat, avocado, mayonnaise, cucumber or carrots. Examples of variations include the rainbow roll an inside-out topped with thinly sliced maguro, hamachi, ebi, sake and avocado and the caterpillar roll an inside-out topped with thinly sliced avocado.

Also commonly found is the "rock and roll" an inside-out roll with barbecued freshwater eel and avocado with toasted sesame seeds on the outside.

In Japan, uramaki is an uncommon type of makimono ; because sushi is traditionally eaten by hand in Japan, the outer layer of rice can be quite difficult to handle with fingers.

Futomaki is a more popular variation of sushi within the United States, and comes in variations that take their names from their places of origin.

Other rolls may include a variety of ingredients, including chopped scallops , spicy tuna , beef or chicken teriyaki roll, okra , and assorted vegetables such as cucumber and avocado, and the tempura roll, where shrimp tempura is inside the roll or the entire roll is battered and fried tempura-style.

In the Southern United States, many sushi restaurants prepare rolls using crawfish. Sometimes, rolls are made with brown rice or black rice , which appear in Japanese cuisine as well.

Per Food and Drug Administration regulations, raw fish served in the United States must be frozen prior to serving in order to kill parasites.

Since rolls are often made to-order it is not unusual for the customer to specify the exact ingredients desired e. Though the menu names of dishes often vary by restaurant, some examples include:.

It has to be cooled to room temperature before being used for a filling in a sushi or else it will get too sticky while being seasoned.

Traditionally, the mixing is done with a hangiri , which is a round, flat-bottom wooden tub or barrel, and a wooden paddle shamoji.

Sushi rice is prepared with short-grain Japanese rice, which has a consistency that differs from long-grain strains such as those from India , Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Thailand , and Vietnam.

The essential quality is its stickiness or glutinousness, although the type of rice used for sushi is different from glutinous rice. Freshly harvested rice shinmai typically contains too much water, and requires extra time to drain the rice cooker after washing.

In some fusion cuisine restaurants, short-grain brown rice and wild rice are also used. There are regional variations in sushi rice and individual chefs have their individual methods.

Nori is a type of algae , traditionally cultivated in the harbors of Japan. Originally, algae was scraped from dock pilings, rolled out into thin, edible sheets, and dried in the sun, in a process similar to making rice paper.

The size of a nori sheet influences the size of makimono. A full-size sheet produces futomaki , and a half produces hosomaki and temaki.

To produce gunkan and some other makimono , an appropriately-sized piece of nori is cut from a whole sheet. Nori by itself is an edible snack and is available with salt or flavored with teriyaki sauce.

The flavored variety, however, tends to be of lesser quality and is not suitable for sushi. When making fukusazushi , a paper-thin omelette may replace a sheet of nori as the wrapping.

The omelette is traditionally made on a rectangular omelette pan, known as a makiyakinabe , and used to form the pouch for the rice and fillings.

The ingredients used inside sushi are called gu , and are, typically, varieties of fish. Sushi chefs are trained to recognize important attributes, including smell, color, firmness, and freedom from parasites that may go undetected in commercial inspection.

Commonly used fish are tuna maguro, shiro-maguro , Japanese amberjack , yellowtail hamachi , snapper kurodai , mackerel saba , and salmon sake.

The most valued sushi ingredient is toro, the fatty cut of the fish. Aburi style refers to nigiri sushi where the fish is partially grilled topside and partially raw.

Most nigiri sushi will have completely raw toppings, called neta. Other seafoods such as squid ika , eel anago and unagi , pike conger hamo , octopus tako , shrimp ebi and amaebi , clam mirugai , aoyagi and akagai , fish roe ikura , masago , kazunoko and tobiko , sea urchin uni , crab kani , and various kinds of shellfish abalone, prawn, scallop are the most popular seafoods in sushi.

Oysters , however, are less common, as the taste is not thought to go well with the rice. Kani kama , or imitation crab stick, is commonly substituted for real crab, most notably in California rolls.

Tofu and eggs in the form of slightly sweet, layered omelette called tamagoyaki and raw quail eggs ride as a gunkan-maki topping are common.

Sushi is commonly eaten with condiments. Japanese-style mayonnaise is a common condiment in Japan on salmon, pork and other sushi cuts.

True wasabi has anti-microbial properties and may reduce the risk of food poisoning. An imitation wasabi seiyo-wasabi , made from horseradish , mustard powder and green dye is common.

It is found at lower-end kaiten-zushi restaurants, in bento box sushi and at most restaurants outside Japan. If manufactured in Japan, it may be labelled "Japanese Horseradish".

Gari sweet, pickled ginger is eaten in between sushi courses to both cleanse the palate and aid in digestion. In Japan, green tea ocha is invariably served together with sushi.

Better sushi restaurants often use a distinctive premium tea known as mecha. In sushi vocabulary, green tea is known as agari. These dividers prevent the flavors of neighboring pieces of sushi from mixing and help to achieve an attractive presentation.

Using actual leaves had the added benefit of releasing antimicrobial phytoncides when cut thereby extending the limited shelf life of the sushi.

As these stores began rising in prominence in the s, the labor-intensive cut leaves were increasingly replaced with green plastic in order to lower costs.

This coincided with the increased prevalence of refrigeration which acted to extend the shelf life of sushi without the need for the cut leaves.

Today the plastic strips are commonly used in sushi bento boxes and to a lesser degree in sushi presentations found in sushi bars and restaurants.

In store-sold or to-go packages of sushi, the plastic leaf strips are often used to prevent the rolls from coming into early or unwanted contact with the ginger and wasabi included with the dish.

The main ingredients of traditional Japanese sushi, raw fish and rice, are naturally low in fat, high in protein , carbohydrates the rice only , vitamins , and minerals, as are gari and nori.

Other vegetables wrapped within the sushi also offer various vitamins and minerals. Many of the seafood ingredients also contain omega-3 fatty acids , which have a variety of health benefits.

Generally sushi is not a particularly fattening food. However, rice in sushi contains a fair amount of carbohydrates, plus the addition of other ingredients such as mayonnaise added into sushi rolls might increase the caloric content.

Some of the ingredients in sushi can present health risks. Large marine apex predators such as tuna especially bluefin can harbor high levels of methylmercury , which can lead to mercury poisoning when consumed in large quantity [71] or when consumed by certain higher-risk groups, including women who are pregnant or may become pregnant, nursing mothers and young children.

According to recent studies, there have been about 18 million infections worldwide from eating raw fish.

Sashimi or other types of sushi containing raw fish present a risk of infection by three main types of parasites :.

For the above reasons, EU regulations forbid the use of fresh raw fish. Some forms of sushi, notably those containing pufferfish fugu and some kinds of shellfish, can cause severe poisoning if not prepared properly.

Particularly, fugu consumption can be fatal. Fugu fish has a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin in its internal organs and, by law in many countries, must be prepared by a licensed fugu chef who has passed the prefectural examination in Japan.

Only about 35 percent of the applicants pass. Sustainable sushi is sushi made from fished or farmed sources that can be maintained or whose future production does not significantly jeopardize the ecosystems from which it is acquired.

Concerns over the sustainability of sushi ingredients arise from greater concerns over environmental, economic and social stability and human health.

Traditionally, sushi is served on minimalist Japanese-style, geometric, mono- or duo-tone wood or lacquer plates, in keeping with the aesthetic qualities of this cuisine.

Many sushi restaurants offer fixed-price sets, selected by the chef from the catch of the day. Sushi may be served kaiten zushi sushi train style.

Color-coded plates of sushi are placed on a conveyor belt; as the belt passes, customers choose as they please. After finishing, the bill is tallied by counting how many plates of each color have been taken.

Newer kaiten zushi restaurants use barcodes or RFID tags embedded in the dishes to manage elapsed time after the item was prepared. Some specialized or slang terms are used in the sushi culture.

Most of these terms are used only in sushi bars. Unlike sashimi, which is almost always eaten with chopsticks, nigirizushi is traditionally eaten with the fingers, even in formal settings.

Soy sauce is the usual condiment, and sushi is normally served with a small sauce dish, or a compartment in the bento. Traditional etiquette suggests that the sushi is turned over so that only the topping is dipped; this is because the soy sauce is for flavoring the topping, not the rice, and because the rice would absorb too much soy sauce and would fall apart.

Toppings that have their own sauce such as eel should not be eaten with soy sauce. Traditionally, the sushi chef will add an appropriate amount of wasabi to the sushi while preparing it, and etiquette suggests eating the sushi as is, since the chef is supposed to know the proper amount of wasabi to use.

However, today wasabi is more a matter of personal taste, and even restaurants in Japan may serve wasabi on the side for customers to use at their discretion, even when there is wasabi already in the dish.

Chakin-sushi , wrapped in thin omelette. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Portioned prepared vinegared rice topped or rolled with other ingredients.

This article is about Japanese cuisine. For the ancient Chinese poet, see Su Shi. For other uses, see Sushi disambiguation.

Main article: History of sushi. Makizushi topped with tobiko. Not to be confused with Onigiri.

Play media. Further information: Japonica rice and Japanese rice. Main article: Nori. Main article: List of sushi and sashimi ingredients.

Main article: Sustainable sushi. See also: Customs and etiquette in Japanese dining. Food portal Japan portal. Retrieved Retrieved 30 December The Guardian.

Retrieved 25 September Fisheries Science. The Connoisseur's Guide to Sushi. A nugget of rice was seasoned with vinegar and topped by a sliver of seafood fresh from the bay that was only a few blocks away.

That's why a synonym for nigiri sushi is Edomae sushi: Edomae is "in front of Edo", i. Sushi: Food for the Eye, the Body and the Soul.

Edomae-zushi or nigiri-zushi? Nigiri-zushi is also known as Edomae-zushi. Edomae refers to the small bay in Edo in front of the old palace that stood on the same site as the present-day imperial precinct in Tokyo.

Fresh fish and shellfish caught in the bay were used locally to make sushi, which was known as Edomae-zushi. It has, however, been many years since these waters have been a source of seafood.

Now the expression Edomae-zushi is employed as a synonym for high quality nigiri-zushi. Accessed 23 December A Japanese interior.

Houghton, Mifflin and Company. The Encyclopedia of Sushi Rolls. Bess Press : p. Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Ness Press: p. The book of sushi 1st paperback ed.

Sushi for dummies. Archived from the original on August 25, Dijitaru daijisen in Japanese. Tokyo: Shogakukan. Kyoto Foodie. Tuttle Publishing.

Comparison of Fermented Foods of the East and West. Fish Fermentation Technology. United Nations University Press. The Walrus.

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